We are often asked by clients why their media mix should include both print and digital channels when a newspaper – or newsbrand as it’s increasingly referred to – is proposed in the mix. The industry body set up to promote the world of newspapers and their advertising interests, Newsworks, has assembled interesting insight gleaned from various reputable research bodies to shed light on how people use the various methods to access news from newspapers whether in old skool print or from smartphones, tablets or PCs. The statistics serve to reassure that a combination of both print and digital ads is the correct choice in most cases, when a media schedule needs that particular trust and brand empathy which a newsbrand can bring to a client’s advertising campaign.

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Every day, newsbrands reach 18.4m UK adults via print or PC news delivery. They are almost 60% ABC1, and although 46% are aged 55+, almost 1 in 3 are aged 35 to 54, and just over 1 in 5 are aged 18 to 34. Over a month, 47m people engage with newsbrands. The majority of people (14.3m) are consuming news over two platforms, print plus mobile/ tablet. 8.9m are newspaper readers only, while 8.1m get their news fix from mobile/ tablet only. Another 8.8m read across all three platforms.

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We read news at any time of the day, using whatever channel makes sense to us at the time. Here is a timeline from the IPA Touchpoints 6 research, which shows the reading inter-relationships between PC, print, smartphone and tablet. With smartphones, tablets and newspapers peaking at breakfast and in the morning commute, while desktop PCs rule at lunchtime, only to see the return of tablets and smartphones in the evening as we all sit down to watch the TV – this graph proves that using digital and print advertising makes complete sense when a newsbrand is included in the mix.


Source: Newsworks, NRS PADD, Comscore